Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy Cow Update

Ok so I have had this weight on my shoulders and it recently woke me up last nite. You would think I have enough on my mind, I am two weeks shy of my due date, still working full time, still a mom to an adventerous two year old, still a wife and what keeps me up you ask.
This silly blog...
I woke up realizing I havent captured any of the last two months exciting events to share with family and friends. Then I woke up thinking, well heck maybe no one really reads this, but that couldnt be.

So as I tried to log into my account, it only took resetting the password about 5 times, because forgive me I have about 30 passwords floating in my mind at all times. Was it the cat's name, no the dog's name compbined with my birthday, no David's birthday, no his old dogs name... UHHHH enough already with the passwords.

So in a nut shell... Christmas was great, in Jan Jordan turned two my mother another year older, in Feb my dad another year older,I had a baby shower our Nanny turns another year older, I turn another year older.

And yes I am still pregnant... more to follow on that.

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