Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the Season

We handpicked a tree and put up all of our Christmas Decorations over this past weekend. This year Jordan actually got into the spirit of things and found out how cool mommy & daddy's ornaments really are. There are bells and reindeer, Oh yea and glittery ones.
One of the funniest things Jordan did was I took out this Iron Reindeer candle holder and he thought it was a pony and proceeded to "ride the reindeer"

David has never been into the decorating aspect but this year he helped with the lights and with Jordan hanging ornaments, and oh yea officially watering the tree. Let me first say that a few weeks back we found this in the a magazine and remarked what a great idea it was, too bad it wasn't that cute.

Here is the description -Randy The Reindeer Watering System

The Reindeer Tree Watering System not only lets you know when your tree needs water, it helps you water with ease! Hang this fun reindeer ornament in your tree, attach his water tube down the trunk, and place the included water sensor in your tree stand (not included). When the water level gets low, his nose lights up. To refill, simply pour water into his open mouth until his nose light goes out. Enjoy a healthy tree without ever crawling underneath it.

Now I want you to know that as David is preparing to water the tree he keeps talking about this reindeer, and I am like yea ok well we dont have it. He then disappears into the garage only to emerge with part of a shower hose and a plastic bottle.
If you know David, you know where this is going...

Here are the pictures to explain

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