Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome Lady Bird

Apparently we lost our minds and thought getting a puppy was the next best thing for us. And no it's not golden color, or housebroken or trained or obedient. But she sure is CUTE!

I rationalize it by saying Mikie needs a friend and Jordan needs a dog to grow up with and maybe David will lay off the 100 reasons we need a dog.

Ok so David claims it’s my anniversary gift. We picked her up Monday night ( romantic anniversary huh ) We originally had a plan, golden lab, golden lab. Well the only golden left was a male and guess what he was the wild one out of the litter, already bitting and bounding and not sitting still. In my mind I said no way in hell.
And there she was, black and a little fluffy and the calmest one of the litter.

She is an 8 week old black lab. So far she is pretty good, a little hard adjusting at night, but hasn’t destroyed anything and whines to go outside and potty. So all in all she is like 1/2 potty trained, follows the other dog around and loves us.

The explanation of her name - Hank Hill's dog from the animated television series King of the Hill. She is named after the wife of President (and Texan) Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson.

Again I must be crazy because puppies are a lot of work.

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