Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A puppy are you crazy??

We have been going back and forth for months now since Sasha's passing about getting a puppy or not. It is great being a one dog family. So easy, ah but my husbnad the child at heart, loves puppies and not like normal people - he is on the border of a weird obsession with puppies. For weeks we have gone round and round, to get a puppy or not and what breed. I had my big ideas and turns out not so good with kids, David was brought up loving sheps ( German Shepards for those of you who dont know the lingo) I hate their shedding, frankly I am happy with getting a hairless dog. Seeing as they are ugly - I wanted a labradoodle- 1/2 lab 1/2 poodle. No shedding family dog who is super smart- I have been told nothing named Doodle. Forgive me if my husband's man hood is compromised with a dog breed named doodle.

We have finally settled- Lab or Golden Retriever- an all american dog. Next is finding that special dog.
I would like a golden lab. People they are not that easy to find - unless you want to shell out $800. I dont care what bloodlines it has, or that its great granddog dad was best in show. We want a golden dog for a decent price, preferably one who is housebroken, trained, obident and perfect. Oh and looks like a cuddly puppy.

But really who are we kidding. So the search remains on...

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