Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's been happening

Well here it is 4 months since my last blog. Alright I had to get my groove with both the boys. Needless to say, I found it and was loving staying at home with both the kids. But I am now back in corporate America.

Here are a few happenings

1) I am back at work Mon- Thurs while Lacey is watching the boys

2) Bradley is HUGE, 97% in Height 95% in weigh what a bear!

3) Jordan is potty trained - yup at 2 1/2 fully trained, even at nighttime.

4) We have renovated the yard- Let me back up David has ( I take care of the kids- me and yard work don't mix) we installed a dog run, rented a bobcat, removed some hedges, leveled the backyard and the front, installed new gravel, laid down new dirt ground some stumps and trimmed a huge tree. WHEW I am tried from writing all that. We still have to plant grass, but the yard is looking great

5) David has remained busy and even has two booths at the home show daily and some great reviews on angieslist. Knock on wood, business is picking up. Could be that is does superb work as well.

6) We started hiking, I joined a gym

7)We are surviving the heat wave with our pool and our AC - Jealous **;)

So I am back online and will be posting updates regularly .

Here are some random photos.

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Mama2boys said...

Love the naked bum pic...cute! Can't wait to see the yard, gosh you've been busy! Lets hang soon...hugs =)