Friday, April 3, 2009

Deal of the day

Since my dad has been with us for a few weeks now, we have been looking for fun things to do with Jordan. With it raining for weeks straight, the pickings have been slim. We found that KMPS was sponsoring a dollar per entry at the Aquarium. We jumped on this opportunity, it's normall $16.50 to get in. We didnt account for it being Spring Break though.
We arrived at 10 and quickly figurered out it was gonna be crowded. We knew we had to hit the tide pools, seals, sea otters and of course NEMO. Thankfully we did it all and managed to get out as the crowd grew longer and longer. We think hit the Old Spaghetti Factory and much to our suprise, every Tues they have 40% lunch. The three of us ate for $17.00!

What a fun day!!!

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