Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Brother-Little Brother

I haven't figured it out yet, perhaps I have good children/babies and it's natural for a boy to be protective and loving to his baby brother. Not sure David was with his brother - Lord knows as they got older that wasn't the case, not sure if Renie was ever like that to me.

But boy- Jordan is amazing with Bradley, he is helpful, loving and protective. We were at the play structure at Bellevue Square and a little girl came up to look at Bradley and Jordan ran over and said No! He has done it a few others times as well.

Bradley continues to be a WONDERFUL baby, I mean really good, quite, no issues and SLEEPS. Makes me think why not have more if they are all this good -

Now not saying it's easy having two this close, but as our routine strengthens, it's much more managable.

Here are a few shots of the last week of the boys

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