Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am growing a baby...

We well have not been blogging the last part of summer. Just too much fun stuff going on. The fair, vacations, the beach - you name it we did it.
Between the sleeping and the morning sickness and an active toddler I just havent felt up to it.

Oh in case your one of the few who hadn't heard... We are having another baby. Due March 9th. That puts me at week 16 today. Finally have things calmed down. I am not running to the toilet ( which is exceptionally clean these days ) everytime I get a whiff of food or a dirty diaper. God Bless my wonderful husband, who has had no problem getting woken up by me yelling, HURRY I am getting sick!!! And has no issue going out at night to pick me up a snickers bar.

I guess you tend to forget all the joys of pregnany- I have noticed the feet swelling and all those cute cute cute shoes in my closet that have to sit neglected for another 9 months before they get any good use outta them. I mean let's face it, there is no way a maternity outfit looks that cute, especially with granny shoes.

Here are a few pictures of our summer adventures...

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