Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear Mr. Mailman

David and I noticed Saturday evening a car parked somewhat in front of our house. We have no street lights on our road, so it is hard to see. I noticed two people in a car with the dome light one. Naturally we went to spy because let's face it we have a totally crazy lady that lives across the street from us. So, David claims since they are looking down in the car and the dome light is one, they are looking for a house, lost he says. I myself not easily satisifed continue to peer out the garage door, hidden. Suddenly I notice the female drive tossing things out the window. Uh not in our neighborhood. David runs out with his police flashlight ( so he calls it) and shines it in their car and yells HEY in his scarriest gonna protect my family voice... They speed away. What they threw out, low and behold was mail. Yea, right - other peoples mail, from streets all around our house. Naturally we call the police, and we give the plate numbers and this and that. Now I admitted I am not always satisifed, my husband WAY worse. He goes driving around like he is going to find them... o he was back in about 10 mins without any sign of them.

The police tell David to write a note with the mail and put it in the mail box for the mailman....
Below is the note David wrote to our mailman

It says
Dear Mr. Mailman
Some crackhead dropped all this mail in the street in front of my house last night. I called the police and they told me to put it in my mailbox with a note on it for you. So here you go.
PS Some of it is opened

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becky said...

David cracks me up!! There is always something. :) Any sign of the 'coons? The flashlight he used is it the same one him and gregg used to look for the 'coons?