Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trip to Gram & Papa's

We decided to spend last weekend in Spokane with my parents- Gram & Pappa. It was cold- Jordan got to be spoiled. Apparently all the rules are different because there are NO rules! Jordan had his first encounter with the horses- ok not the first, but the first time he was aware of them and how huge they are in comparisson to him. The first day we went down to the barn together and he was just not having it, too big and scary for him. I tried to hoist him up onto Sis, but he let out a scream and instead of the horse freaking over this new cry she hadn't heard, I though best idea go back into the house. We tried again on Sunday and that went over much better, we actually reached out the pet the horse and of course Teaspoon the wanted all his attention.

We had a long drive home, the wind picked up and was blowing snow across I-90 until about Moses Lake, some parts were white-out conditions. We made it in about 6hours instead of our normal 4 1/2.

Good to be home...

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